Why MCG?

Formed in 1994, MCG was founded with the desire to do business in a straight forward fashion, resulting in client satisfaction and consultant opportunities. If we achieve that, we will be a success.

Flexibility has always been one of our strengths. We continue to stretch and grow as our industry evolves. Whether you need HR outsourcing or a CIO to take your company to the next level, MCG can assist you. We endeavor to find new ways to be of value to our clients. At MCG, creativity is welcomed and encouraged, as innovative solutions are the key to our clients continued success.

Our proven track record of success includes aiding organizations of all sizes in meeting business objectives, from cost savings initiatives to process automation to new systems implementations and end-user training. Our national recruiting reach allows us to manage your workforce needs from coast to coast.


How we do business

The first step is understanding client needs and requirements. We will then validate each candidate’s skills and personality attributes through a disciplined recruiting process to filter down to a few exceptional candidates. We personally meet and interview each candidate and administer professional technical assessments, background screening and drug screening, giving you the peace of mind that your hire can perform from day one.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in service and satisfaction.

Our stringent recruiting policies mean we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to! Our sales team can partner with you to creatively approach problems as opportunities, while offering cost effective solutions for your needs. 


How do we find the best people?

With a lot of hard work.
MCG employees one of the largest recruiting staffs in the local area, each trained in a disciplined process to filter down to the most qualified candidates. We will adhere to your processes and standards and produce several options to bring you the right solution to your unique challenge. We have the recruiting power to quickly and efficiently fill your needs.

Once we understand your requirements we validate each candidate’s skills and personality to ensure we have the right team member for your situation. We personally interview and qualify each candidate.


MCG can help

MCG also uses the latest and greatest tools for finding top tier candidates. We go beyond using the typical job boards and think outside the box to find the talent no one else can.


“When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I have seen MCG consistently employ a recruiting staff that cares about making a true difference in leading the recruiting industry toward bridging stronger communications between the prospective employer, candidate, and recruiting firm. They have an ability to communicate within their own offices which has helped our business reduce time, confusion, and waste. From the onset, they took the time to understand the type of candidate our business looks for by almost perfectly matching candidates to our unusual Company culture, team dynamic, and skill set.”

Jack Smith

“I was placed by MCG many years ago and when I had taken my new role as a Vice President in charge of Technology I contacted Linda at Midwest Consulting Group to discuss my new needs. We hired them to do what they do, provide Outstanding resources, quickly and at a very competitive cost and that has allowed us to focus on our core business and our company is prospering, Most importantly though they have helped us lower our employee turnover by providing candidates that want to work for our company.”

Billy T

“Midwest Consulting Group rates an A+ in our book! Staff members are always professional, never overbearing, and are perfectly personable!”

Sally P

“Over the past three years, we have sought MCG’s professional services to fill more than 10 full time technical positions. The matched candidates weren’t repeat candidates, they didn’t come rehearsed with the right things to say in their interview, their resumes weren’t padded, and their personalities fit our teams perfectly.”

“Midwest Consulting stands apart from the competition by demonstrating consistency, professionalism, and the ability to maintain a true business relationship- with our best interest at heart.”

Director of HR Large Web Business

“Midwest Consulting Group has done an excellent job for our growing firm. They assist us in finding the best of the best. We have had many successes with MCG and look forward to a long and rewarding partnership.”

“Midwest Consulting Group makes the extra effort to completely understand your people, processes and most importantly, your company culture. It is this type of attention to detail that separates them from other staff augmentation firms. They are able to determine if an individual will be a good fit for NIC and vice versa. This care and diligence upfront is invaluable to our organization.”

“We were having problems staffing several of our technical positions. I asked one of my peers who they had used and he recommended MCG. They have provided everything you would ever want from a Staffing firm. The candidates they provided have become important players in our company and fit in. MCG listened to my needs and came through. They personalize their service to fit my needs.”


KC Office

11880 College Blvd, Suite 400
Overland Park, KS 66210


Dallas Office

1212 Corporate Drive
Suite 160
Irving, TX 75038



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